From the President

FIRST, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, LET ME THANK THE OUTGOING MEMBERS OF OUR EXECUTIVE BOARD, Agamemnon Andrianos, Courtney Goodin, Richard Lightstone, Peggy Names, Andy Rovins and Jeff Wexler, for their years of service to our members. Their countless hours of contribution, friendship and commitment may not be known to all of our community, but their accomplishments can be felt daily by the policies this Local has in place in no small part due their selfless participation. We are blessed with their continuing interest in contribution through consultation, mentoring and committee work. Thank you all.

And, of course, let me congratulate our newly elected Executive Board. You have been given the opportunity and privilege to lead Local 695 into the future and to maintain and grow the pro-active culture that now thrives at its heart.

Our Constitution, Article VII, Section 8, describes the duties of the Executive Board. I include it here for all to review and be aware of the important responsibilities your elected leadership has committed to:


The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Recording-Secretary, Business Representative, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, the three trustees, and six (6) “members at large.” The duties, powers, and responsibilities of the Executive Board shall be:

(a) To decide upon all matters referred to them by the membership and their decision shall be binding unless reversed by a majority vote of the members present at a regular or special meeting of the Local. They shall decide upon the enforcement of the Locals’ laws and regulations and may perform such acts and make such rulings and decisions consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws as may be necessary to carry on the business and promote the interests of this Local when properly authorized by the General Membership of this Local.
(b) To act as a trial board of this Local unless the member elects to be tried at an open meeting as provided in Article 12, Section 15, hereof. They shall have the power to summon as a witness any members and those failing to answer may be adjudged in contempt and penalized for same by fine or suspension.
(c) To supervise the affairs, membership, business and activities of the Local, including but not limited to the activities of the Business Representative and Recording-Secretary, and the Treasurer as set forth above. The Executive Board shall be vested with all complete authority necessary for the government of this Local, subject to this Constitution and Bylaws and that of the International.
(d) To hold their meetings prior to the regular membership meeting, and full written report of their action submitted to the membership.
(e) To determine, guided by the principles of equity and fairness, and consistent with their fiduciary duty to the Local, hardship claims by members seeking relief, in whole or in part, through forgiveness, delayed payment, or otherwise, from their fees, dues and/or assessment obligations.
(f) In the event of a vacancy (i.e., death, resignation, removal from office) of any officer, other than the President of this Union, the Local’s Executive Board shall elect, by secret ballot, a member of this Local Union in good standing to serve the remainder of the vacated term.

I’d also like to congratulate the many members who have stepped up and put themselves forward as candidates in Local 695’s current election for Board and Delegates. It’s great to see new faces coming forward to engage in the Local’s destiny. I thank you all for your participation. Although, there are only a few slots for the many candidates, and a terrific group has been selected, I must emphasize that there are many more ways to participate beyond these positions.

Here is a list of the committees serving the Local and if you should see a subject that peaks your interest, please let me know if you would like to participate in the work of any of these teams.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Contract Negotiating Committee
Social Media & Events
Young Workers Committee
Technical Trends
   Frequency Coordination Protocol Sub-Committee
Survey Committee
Historical Committee
Quarterly Publication Committee
Retirees Committee
Organizing Committee
Sports Broadcast Committee
Reality Production Committee
Commercial Production Committee
Video Engineers Committee
Diversity Committee
Building Committee
Political Action Committee
Harassment Resolution Protocol Committee.(The intent of this committee is to develop a protocol for members to follow in addition to reporting incidents to the employer. We need to create safe methods for members who experience abuse to receive support and advocacy for dealing with their situation. This committee is charged with examining available options and distilling them into a recommended protocol for members who are in need.)

Finally, warm New Year’s to all, thank you so much for your active participation in conducting the business of our union. We, who have just been sworn in to serve, are committed to doing our best.


Mark Ulano CAS AMPS
IATSE Local 695