From the Editors

It’s hard to believe but this year marks the tenth year of this publication. Our first issue premiered in the spring of 2009, co-edited by myself, Eric Pierce and David Waelder. Thirty-six editions later, we are proud to continue to bring you interesting reading all about our craft and the multiple disciplines of Local 695.

In our winter issue, is a look into the mixing styles and conditions of three diverse feature films, Hostiles, The Greatest Showman and The Post.

In the Spring edition Scott Smith will introduce a new series, “The Way We Were”; an intimate and nostalgic look back at the earlier days of sound mixing and the responsibilities of the sound crews.

We editors have asked, cajoled, inspired and yes, sometimes begged our members to write about the projects they are on and what they do. Not only to inform our membership, but educate the entertainment community on what the “Sound Local” (a misnomer for sure) does every day.If you have an idea or a subject you want to see in this publication, contact us at

If you don’t consider yourself an author, we’ll jump in and assist. We know there are burning topics you want to read and talk about.

Happy reading,

Richard Lightstone & Mark Ulano