Contributors to this edition

Doc Justice 
Doc Justice is the owner of Audio Justice, Inc., a sound services company, and Halter Technical, LLC, creators of audio products for broadcast and video professionals. He resides in Los Angeles, but will never give up his 215 area code from Philadelphia.


Mac Ruth
Mac Ruth started his career at the University of Texas at Austin, with extended stops in Los Angeles and currently, Budapest, Hungary. Early on in his career, a love of cinema took him from the music side of the business to the film side.


William Sarokin CAS
I started in sound by default in the late ’70s while making documentaries. I had many friends who were camera people but had no sound connections, so I bought an 815 and an Arrivox Tandberg and started recording myself. I proved a better mixer than documentarian so that’s what stuck. Today, I’m a film/TV mixer and a proud member of IATSE Locals 52 and 480 and the Cinema Audio Society.


Mark Ulano CAS AMPS
Mark Ulano has been recording sound for film professionally since 1976. Mark has more than 140 film and television credits.


Photos courtesy of the respective contributors