Welcome to this edition of the 695 Quarterly

It’s not only winter, but also Awards Season. Expect downpours of rain, accolades and trophies. As we all know, it takes a large team of talent both above and below the line to make any project entertaining and successful.

The talent and leadership of a department head is dependent on the collective talent and leadership of their crew.

It takes teamwork to deliver excellent quality and craftsmanship. This teamwork is exemplified by three complex and technically challenging motion pictures.

Mac Ruth writes about The Martian; Mark Ulano expresses his philosophy in The Hateful Eight and William Sarokin tells us about Sicario. The common thread here is the respect for the process and the people they work with.

Doc Justice details the respect that manufacturers have for our need for better products to push the technical envelope in “Don’t Stand for the Standard!”

We wish you a happy, productive and bountiful 2016.

Fraternally yours,

Fraternally yours,
Richard Lightstone, Eric Pierce, and Mark Ulano