From the President

Congratulations! Our Local has turned the corner and is entering this new year of 2015 stronger than ever.

I want to express personal gratitude for the level-headed leadership and professional hard work demonstrated by Scott Bernard and Laurence Abrams as they navigated Local 695 through the challenge of Trusteeship this past year, to the many members who pitched in this year to support Scott and Laurence’s efforts, and to all of you for stepping up and participating in the democratic process with a resounding mandate for the Local’s newly elected Board of Directors. The new Board is a terrific group of people, a wonderful mix of experience and enthusiasm sharing the common goal of moving our union forward. My hat is off to you all.

Scott Bernard – Business Representative
Mark Ulano – President
Jay Patterson – Vice President
Laurence B. Abrams – Recording Secretary
Susan Moore-Chong – Treasurer
Andy Rovins – Sergeant-at-Arms
Shawn Holden – Trustee
Peggy Names – Trustee
Jeff Wexler – Trustee
Agamemnon Andrianos – Board Member
Devendra Cleary – Board Member
Courtney Goodin – Board Member
Richard Lightstone – Board Member
Steve Nelson – Board Member
Philip Palmer – Board Member
Laurence B. Abrams – Convention Delegate
Ed Moskowitz – Convention Delegate
Jay Patterson – Convention Delegate
Andy Rovins – Convention Delegate

Also, a heartfelt thank-you to our runners up for their generous participation: Chris Howland, Beau Baker, Jane Fleck, Kevin Muldoon and Elizabeth Alvarez.

As we enter into contract negotiation season, we couldn’t ask for a better team to be carrying the responsibility of representing this Local’s interests. We are in good hands.

Fraternally and with warmest regards,
Mark Ulano
IATSE Local 695 President