From the Editors

Local Participation

Something extraordinary occurred at the nominations meeting in December: members had to pull additional chairs from the storage racks to have some place to sit. That hasn’t happened in a long time. With the end of the Trusteeship, we have experienced a resurgence of participation in the affairs of the Local. It’s not a road we would have elected to travel to achieve that end but we welcome the development however it comes. We encourage members to continue the trend and also to share knowledge and experience by writing for the 695 Quarterly.

We’re now in the thick of awards season and have an assortment of articles for you. Steve Cantamessa and Ethan Andrus discuss their work on award contenders Gone Girland Boyhood, respectively.

We also have a profile of Production Sound Mixer Bruce Bisenz, who pursued his own path over a career spanning nearly four decades.

Fraternally yours,
Eric Pierce, Richard Lightstone and David Waelder