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Pac-12 Network

Members of Local 695 and other IATSE locals turned out in large number to support the sports production crews as they successfully staged simultaneous job actions in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Eugene, Corvallis and Seattle against the Pac-12 Sports Network. The pickets were set up in response to the network hiring people for lesser wages and benefits than the established area standards.

The IATSE had shown flexibility with the network by granting contract waivers to accommodate budget restrictions on some product and has allowed student employment alongside professional technicians, but Pac-12 executives ignored all efforts of the IATSE to bring a more productive educational structure to the organization.

After this job action by production employees of the Pac-12 Network, including the refusal of IATSE professionals hired through signatory companies (Pettigrew, PCCC, BBP, and others) to cross picket lines, the network has agreed that a contract with the IA will be beneficial to their production needs. At the time of this writing, contract details are being finalized.

Local 695 has represented Sports Television Production Technicians for decades under contracts with broadcasters such as KTLA and FOX Sports, delivering programming for Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL, Major League Soccer, NCAA Sports, Boxing and much more.



Membership Directory Offers New Features

The Local 695 Membership Directory 2013 will be arriving in your mailbox in the next few weeks. New features include FCC LPAB call sign listings and the ability to put your Skills and Areas of Skills in the order you want them to be. By default, the three membership directories (publicly accessible online searchable, members-only online searchable and the annual printed) will only list your name and classification, but you have the ability to add full contact information, skills and more! Simply log on to, find “Membership Directory” at the top of the page and click on “review/add/edit.” Your directory page will appear and from there you can add information or make changes, and you can even customize the information in each of the three directories 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

Drawing from donations made by the IATSE and members of the IATSE, the Walsh/DiTolla/Spivak Foundation has so far provided assistance to 61 IATSE Brothers and Sisters and their families suffering financial hardship due to Hurricane Sandy. We thank those of you who stepped up to the plate and generously contributed. Unfortunately, the hardships continue and donations are still needed in order to continue providing this much-needed assistance.

If you can help, please make checks payable to the Walsh/DiTolla/Spivak Foundation and mail to the Foundation c/o IATSE, 1430 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018.

In Memoriam

Aug. 24, 1930 – Dec. 19, 2012

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Sept. 10, 1957 – Jan. 20, 2013