From the Editors

As the calendar ticks over to a new year, we are filled with anticipation of brighter prospects and better times.

Hopefully, you have had some time to reflect with your family and friends and you are returning to a project or about to start one.

Competition is a factor both in the search for employment and on the job itself. Even though we are all working toward the same creative goal, it seems that departments are pitted against each other more and more, as if we were in a sporting event.

Imagine what the possibilities would be if in the first meeting with the director, his primary focus was on how best you can achieve a stellar soundtrack?

Well, that is exactly how it transpired on Les Misérables for production mixer Simon Hayes of Great Britain.

This is an inspirational story of enormous cooperation amongst every department, with one goal in mind; to record all the live vocals perfectly. This is an exacting business that requires great sacrifice. We wish you all a bountiful year, filled with endless cooperation from co-workers, friends and your treasured family.

Fraternally yours, David Waelder, Eric Pierce and Richard Lightstone