From the Business Representative

In Perspective

Workflow in its legal definition is a term covering all forms of physical and mental exertion to achieve an objective other than recreation or amusement.

In our industry, “workflow” has particular specialized meanings that apply to recording and transferring data at each stage of the process. A fundamental point is sometimes lost in all the technical specifications: skilled people perform these tasks; the people run the machines, not the other way around. A workflow, then, is simply a map of the tasks engineers and technicians undertake to produce a result.

In a workflow plan for managing digital images and sound, the tasks necessary at each stage include recording and transferring data, making computer entries, manipulating data files, servicing the audio and video equipment and similar chores. The technicians and engineers performing this work, both historically and contractually, do so under the jurisdiction of Local 695. Specific language in the IATSE-Producer contracts, as well as custom and practices agreed to between the parties, affirms the essential role of Local 695 bargaining unit employees in data management.

As the industry continues its migration to digital technology, there will be new challenges and a need for flexible new workflows. But it’s important to keep in perspective that these all refer to tasks performed by people, tasks that have been performed with skill and distinction by our members.

Should the reader require further information regarding this perspective, please address your inquiries to the Local 695 Business Office.

Very best wishes,
James A. Osburn, CAS
Business Representative Executive Director