From the Editors

Happy New Year and welcome to the winter edition of the 695 Quarterly. Every new year seems to bring a renewed vision and a resolve to do better and that’s what we three editors strive to do as we reach the end of the second year of this periodical. This is also the Awards Season and we congratulate all the nominees.

Our mission is to inform the members of Local 695 as well as the entertainment community at large. Scott Smith writes expansively on the history of this Local and the development of the technology of the recording medium. David Waelder continues to analyze the tools of our craft.

The common thread in all this is that each member of our “crew” brings a necessary ingredient to the entire creation. This formula is no different than the industry we work in where synergy is the operative word.

Synergy is defined as the interaction, or cooperation, of two or more organizations or individuals whose combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate efforts. The members of this Local do that every day.

Recently, the CAS held a symposium on the “Digital Gameplan: Successful Workflow Approaches on Set Thru Post.” The overarching conclusion was that we must trust the professionals and communicate effectively and succinctly with all the individuals and departments that work with us.

That is what we are trying to do, and we welcome your thoughts and contributions to this publication.

We would like to suggest that you call the Local for additional copies of the 695 Quarterly to distribute to your producer, UPM, DP, gaffer or favorite wardrobe supervisor. It is helpful to get more people reading about what we do—so expertly. You can reach us directly on the Contact Page.

Richard Lightstone, David Waelder and Eric Pierce