2020 Primetime Emmy Awards

Nominations for Outstanding Sound mixing 72nd Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
September 12 & 13

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour)

Better Call Saul  

Phillip W. Palmer, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Aaron Grice, Andrew Chavez
Larry Benjamin, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer
Kevin Valentine–Re-Recording Mixer

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
“A Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo...”

Mathew Price, CAS–Production Sound Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Carmine Picarello, Spyros Poulos
Ron Bochar–Re-Recording Mixer
George A. Lara–Foley Mixer
David Boulton–ADR Mixer

Ozark •Netflix•Media Rights Capital
“All In” 

Felipe ‘Flip’ Borrero, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Jared Watt, Akira Fukasawa
Larry Benjamin, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer            
Kevin Valentine–Re-Recording Mixer
Phil McGowan, CAS–Scoring Mixer

Star Trek: Picard
“Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 2”

Peter J. Devlin, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team: David Raymond, Chris Hall, Brandon Loulias
Todd M. Grace, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer
Edward C. Carr III, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer Michael Perfitt–Scoring Mixer

Stranger Things
“Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt”  

Michael Rayle–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Dan Giannattasio, Jenny Elsinger,
James Peterson, Julio Allen, Nikki Dengel, John Maskew, Patrick Miceli, Jesse Parker
Mark Paterson–Re-Recording Mixer
William Files–Re-Recording Mixer
Craig Henighan–Re-Recording Mixer

Westworld •HBO•HBO Entertainment in association with Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television
“Parce Domine”

Geoffrey Patterson–Production Mixer
Jorge Adrados–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Jeffrey A. Humphreys, Chris Cooper
Keith Rogers–Re-Recording Mixer
Benjamin L. Cook–Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Limited Series or Movie

American Horror Story: 1984  
“Camp Redwood ”

Alex Altman–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Raam Brousard, Brenton Stumpf,
Ethan Biggers

Joe Earle, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer
Doug Andham, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer Judah Getz, CAS–ADR Mixer

Devs •FX Networks•FX Productions
“Episode 3”

Lisa Piñero, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Randall L. Johnson, Charles Stroh, Michael Primmer, Renzo Garcia
Mitch Low–Production Mixer
Production Team: Stephane Malenfant
Howard Bargroff–Re-Recording Mixer
Glen Gathard–Foley Mixer

El Camino:
A Breaking Bad Movie

Phillip W. Palmer, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Mitchell Gebhard, Andrew T. Chavez
Larry Benjamin, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer Kevin Valentine–Re-Recording Mixer
Stacy Michaels–Foley Mixer

“Hooray for Hollywood”

John Bauman, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Ace Williams, Kris Wilcox
Joe Earle, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer
Doug Andham, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer Bob Lacivita, CAS–ADR Mixer

Watchmen •HBO•HBO Entertainment in
association with White Rabbit, Paramount Television, Warner Bros. Television & DC Comics

“This Extraordinary Being”

Douglas Axtell–Production Mixer  
Production Sound Team:
Chris Isaac, Steven Willer
Joe DeAngelis–Re-Recording Mixer
Chris Carpenter–Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation

The Mandalorian •Disney+•Lucasfilm Ltd.  
“Chapter 2: The Child”

Shawn Holden–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Ben Wienert, Veronica Kahn,
Jamie Gambell, John Evens, Daniel Quintana, Phil Jackson

Bonnie Wild–Re-Recording Mixer
Chris Fogel–Scoring Mixer

Modern Family
“Finale Part 1”

Stephen Tibbo, CAS–Production Mixer Srdjan Popovic–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
William Munroe, Dan Lipe,
Richard Geerts

Brian R. Harman, CAS–
Re-Recording Mixer
Peter Bawiec–Re-Recording Mixer
Dean Okrand, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer

The Ranch   
“Fadeaway ”

Laura L. King, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team: Vic Ortiz,
Matt McFadden, Gilbert Castro,
Joanna Copland, John Hart

Bob La Masney–Re-Recording Mixer
Kathy Oldham–Re-Recording Mixer

Schitt’s Creek   
“Happy Ending”

Bryan Day–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Andrew Chung, Constance Hilton
Martin Lee–Re-Recording Mixer

Space Force  

Ben Patrick, CAS–Production Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Jeffory Haddad, Cary Weitz,
Corey Woods

John W. Cook ll–Re-Recording Mixer
Bill Freesh–Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Series Or Special

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah   
“Jessie Reyez”

Tim Lester–Production Mixer
Patrick Weaver–Front of House Mixer

Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones  

Brian Riordan–Re-Recording Mixer
Connor Moore–Re-Recording Mixer

62nd Grammy Awards   

Thomas Holmes–Production Mixer
Mikael Stewart–Production Mixer

John Harris–Broadcast Music Mixer
Eric Schilling–Broadcast Music Mixer
Ron Reaves–FOH Music Mixer
Thomas Pesa–Stage Foldback Mixer
Michael Parker–Stage Foldback Mixer
Eric Johnston–Playback Music Mixer
Pablo Munguia, CAS–Pre-Recorded Music Mixer
Juan Pablo Velasco–Pre-Recorded Music Mixer
Bob La Masney–Supplemental Audio Mixer
Josh Morton–Post Audio Mixer
Kristian Pedregon–Video Packages Mixer
Paul Sandweiss–Video Packages Mixer

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver    
“Episode 629”

Steven Watson–A1 Production Mixer
Charlie Jones–
Supervising Music/Production Mixer
John Kilgore–Music/Recording Mixer
Steve Lettie–Front of House PA Mixer
Paul Special–Music Mixer
Tony Rollins–Monitor Mixer
Dave Swanson–Pro Tools Playback Mixer
Jayson Dyer Sainsbury–Pro Tools Music Mixer

The Oscars   

Paul Sandweiss–Production Mixer
Tommy Vicari–Orchestra Music Mixer
Biff Dawes–Music Mixer
Pablo Munguia–Pro Tools Mixer
Kristian Pedregon–Post Audio
Patrick Baltzell–House PA Mixer
Michael Parker–Monitor Mixer
Christian Schrader–Supplemental Audio
John Perez–VO Mixer
Marc Repp–Music Mix Engineer
Thomas Pesa–Orchestra Monitor Mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Nonfiction or Reality Program (Single or Multi-Camera)

Apollo 11

Eric Milano–Re-Recording Mixer

Beastie Boys Story  

William Tzouris–Production Mixer
Jacob Feinberg–Production Mixer
Martyn Zub–Re-Recording Mixer


Ryan David Adams–Re-Recording Mixer

Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time  

Gary A. Rizzo, CAS–Re-Recording Mixer
Stephen Urata–Re-Recording Mixer
Danielle Dupre–Re-Recording Mixer
Tony Villaflor–Re-Recording Mixer

RuPaul’s Drag Race  
“I’m That Bitch”  

Glenn Gaines–Production Mixer
Ryan Brady–Production Mixer
Erik Valenzuela–Re-Recording Mixer
Sal Ojeda–Re-Recording Mixer
Production Sound Team:
Krysten Kabzenell, Justin Garcia

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness   
“The Noble Thing to Do”  

Jose Araujo–Production Mixer
Royce Sharp–Production Mixer
Jack Neu–Production Mixer
Ian Cymore–Re-Recording Mixer


Winners for the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards and British Academy TV Craft Awards
BAFTA Craft Awards Winners were Announced July 17

Outstanding Sound: Fiction

“His Dark Materials” •Bad Wolf•BBC Studios•HBO/BBC One

Dillon Bennett, Jon Thomas,
Gareth Bull, James Ridgway
Production Team:
Jeff Welch (Boom Op)
Jason Devlin (1 Assistant Sound)
Sarah Quinn (Boom Op)

Outstanding Sound: Factual

Battle of the Brass Bands
“Seven Worlds, One Planet” •BBC Studios/BBC One

Graham Wild
Kate Hopkins



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