From the President


A question that often comes my way is what are the options for members considering a change of work classification as their career progresses?

This is actually not a complicated area and one to consider as members plan their personal strategies.
There are a few situations when this applies, but the most common is when a member either feels ready to move into a different classification for professional satisfaction or when work opportunity in a different classification presents itself.
Remember, we are part of a community and mutual respect includes working within the guidelines of your current classification. If you’re making a change, you must follow the proper steps.

Local 695 works hard to balance the progression of an individual’s career within a framework of fairness to fellow members.

Members can elect to re-classify at their own discretion by following the proper procedure. As always, call the Local and speak to a representative to guide you through any such change.

If a member feels they might be ready to make a change to a different classification, we also provide a Temporary Re-classification option. This allows the “trial” change for thirty days at a minimal cost. This can be renewed one time for an additional thirty days. This gives the member a chance to evaluate their choice.

At the end of the temporary period, the member’s original classification will be automatically restored. If the experience fulfills the member’s expectations and they should decide to move forward with a permanent change, the member can then elect to do so by following the required procedure. Please be aware if the member is moving up to a higher classification, e.g., Boom Operator Y-8 to Production Mixer Y-1, then be prepared to have the applicable raise in dues and the additional difference in the current initiation fee required at the time of the change.
The issue of interchange is related to this discussion. Be aware not all of our classifications accommodate interchange. Although extremely reasonable, there are some contractual limits.

Of course, once again, please call the Local for guidance.
I’m including here the contract language from the Local 695 Basic Agreement (the red book) which every member should have a copy of for reference. The new edition based on the last contract cycle should be available soon, but the most recent past edition has the same language regarding this subject and can be found on pages 61 and 62.

12. Interchange of Job Classifications

(a) The following job classifications are interchangeable at the discretion of the Producer:
Among Occ. Code Nos. 8131 (Y-6), 8176 (Y-6), 8141 (Y-7), 8178 (Y-7), 8144 (Y-7a), 8180 (Y-7a), 8151 (Y-8) and 8181 (Y-8).
Among Occ. Code Nos. 8109 (Y-3), 8173 (Y-3), 8105 (Y-1) and 8171 (Y-1).
Among Occ. Code Nos. 8109 (Y-3), 8173 (Y-3), 8111(Y-4) and 8174 (Y-4).

(b) Occ. Code Nos. 8111 and 8174 (Y-4) employees may perform the work of Occ. Code Nos. 8131 (Y-6), 8176 (Y-6), 8141 (Y-7), 8178 (Y-7), 8144 (Y-7a) and 8180 (Y-7a) without reduction in rate of pay. Occ. Code Nos. 8144 and 8170 (Y-7a) employees can be assigned the work of Occ. Code Nos. 8141 (Y-7) and 8178 (Y-7).
Occ. Code Nos. 8161, 8182 (Y-9), Sound/Video Service Person Level III, Occ. Code Nos. 8194-8184 (Y-13), Sound/Video Service Person Level II and Occ. Code No. 8185 (Y-16) Sound/Video Service Person Level I are interchangeable at the discretion of the Producer.

(c) In the event Producer wishes to elevate an employee on daily calls between the interchangeable groups listed in subparagraphs (a) and (b) above, approval shall be obtained from the Union.

(d) In an emergency, any person covered under this Agreement can perform in any classification when approved by the Union.

(e) Producer may promote any person covered under this Agreement to any higher classification of work for a period of six (6) or more weeks.
Work time in either a higher or a lower classification shall be credited to fulfill the minimum call of the current classification.

(f) Projectionists shall be interchangeable with Occ. Code Nos. 4150 (Y-9) and 4118 (Y-9) and with all other employees covered under this Agreement. The IATSE agrees to resolve any internal Union matters (e.g., membership, payment of dues, roster standing, etc.) requiring resolution as a result of such interchange.

(g) Projectionists or any person employed under this Agreement, other than a Production Sound Trainee, may operate projection equipment on distant location.

(h) Persons covered under this Agreement shall be freely interchangeable in the performance of mechanical maintenance work.

(i) Any projection employee may be required to perform work in any projection job classification listed in the wage scale (Paragraph 1).

13. Working in Higher Classification
If any part of the workday is worked in a classification higher than the classification under which the employee is called for work, the higher rate shall prevail for the entire workday. The employee reverts to his regular classification on the following day unless notified to the contrary. However, the provisions of this Paragraph do not apply unless the employee is assigned to work in the higher classification for two (2) hours or more.

Mark Ulano CAS AMPS
President, IATSE Local 695