From the Editors

Welcome to the summer edition of Production Sound & Video. The membership of Local 695 is the most technically proficient in the entertainment industry. That’s not a boast, it’s fact.

Jillian Arnold goes in depth on “Asset Management” and Pronology. The new Aaton CantarX3 is explained and reviewed with informative testimonials from multiple owners, all members of this Local in “All About the CantarX3.” Bill Ruck gives us part two of “The Radio Frequency Spectrum Puzzle” and we introduce a new column by Jay Patterson CAS, “FCC Update.”

The cover of this edition shows off the Local’s new look and it’s not just a fresh coat of paint. Peggy Names introduces the makeover of the entire office in “The Newly Renovated Offices of Our Local.”

As always, we are excited by the response to our publication and the desire of you to contribute articles. This magazine is for and by the membership but it also serves as an excellent way to promote our skills, exemplify our knowledge and inform the industry how much we contribute every day to every project.

There are extra copies of this publication available and we welcome your requests to hand them out to fellow crewmembers, producers and talent. In fact, it’s the perfect excuse to come by our office and check out the new digs!


Richard Lightstone, Eric Pierce and Mark Ulano