Welcome to the summer edition of our 695 Quarterly

Lorenzo Millan explains the process of “digital boom pole removal” in the hit Netflix show House of Cards. This technique should be SOP on every production that has a VFX budget.

Whiplash” by BAFTA and Oscar winner Thomas Curley CAS describes his work during the nineteen days of shooting on this low budgeted but fascinating motion picture.

Contrasting that is “The Traveling Road Show on Mad Max: Fury Road” by Ben Osmo, chronicling their six months in the Namib Desert, on an extremely complex and technically difficult production.

“The Sound of Birdman” by Thomas Varga, the CAS Award winner, relates how his crew tackled the nearly continuous Steadicam choreography on this dialog intensive show.

Happy reading.

Fraternally yours,
Richard Lightstone, Eric Pierce and Mark Ulano