Contributors to this edition

Brendan Beebe
For the past twenty years, Brendan Beebe has worked in motion pictures, television, commercials and reality TV. Starting out as a Utility Sound Tech and then Microphone Boom Operator. Most recently, Brendan has been working as a Production Sound Mixer on such shows as The Mentalist, Ray Donovan and Stalker. Brendan has been part of several sound teams winning Academy Awards and Emmys. Brendan lives in Los Angeles with an amazing wife and three kids.
Ben Betts
For the past twenty-plus years, Ben has been Supervising Engineer on shows including seaQuest, multiple Star Trek TV/features, Studio 60, Chuck, G.I. Joe and CSI. He is currently Consulting Producer on Let’s Ask America, Executive Producer for WebCamRiot/ and and continues to consult on various productions around Los Angeles.
Todd Marks
Starting with a fourth-grade photography class, transitioning to Super 8 film in high school, and then to film studies in college, Todd has had a lifelong love of visual media. His professional career as a Computer and Video Playback Supervisor spans more than two decades. Todd’s influence can be seen in many of the projects he’s been involved with, including The NET, Deep Impact, Star Trek Nemesis, Solaris, Team America, The Internship, FLIGHT and, of course, Anchorman 2.


Stuart Wilson
Stuart was nominated for Best Technical Achievement for a road movie with a crew of seven which started in an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan shortly after 9/11. He graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after four of the Harry Potter films. A love of documentary and capturing dramatic moments that happen only once has kept him moving from one production extreme to the other ever since. Oscar noms for War Horse and Skyfall.


David Waelder
David has recorded sound for films for several decades and has been an editor of the 695 Quarterly since its inception five years ago.


Photos courtesy of the respective contributors