Congratulations to the nominees and their production sound teams for the 65th Annual Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Sound Mixing

Comedy or Drama Series (One-Hour)

Boardwalk Empire “The Milkmaid’s Lot” HBO

Frank Stettner CAS, Tom Fleischman CAS, George A. Lara

Production Sound Team:
Larry Provost, Sam Perry, Toussaint Kotright, Egor Panchenko, Tim Elder, Michelle Mader

Breaking Bad “Dead Freight” AMC

Darryl L. Frank, Jeffrey Perkins, Eric Justen

Production Sound Team:
Jeffrey Perkins, Eric Justen

Game of Thrones “And Now His Watch Is Ended” HBO

Ronan Hill CAS, Onnalee Blank CAS, Mathew Waters

Production Sound Team:
Simon Kerr, James Atkinson, Matteo De Pellegrini, Luke McGinley

Homeland “Beirut Is Back” Showtime

Larry Long, Nello Torri, Alan Decker, Larold Rebhun

Production Sound Team:
Matt Fann, Jack Hill

Mad Men “The Flood” AMC

Peter Bentley, Ken Teaney, Alec St. John

Production Sound Team:
Christopher Sposa, Bud Raymond

Miniseries or a Movie

American Horror Story: Asylum “Welcome to Briarcliff” FX Networks

Sean Rush, Joe Earle, Doug Andham

Production Sound Team:
Dennis Fuller, Kriston Wilcox, John Bauman

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Syfy

Rick Bal CAS, Daniel Colman, John W. Cook II, Peter Nusbaum

Production Sound Team:
Greg Hewett, Matthew Willoughby-Price

Behind the Candelabra HBO

Dennis Towns, Larry Blake, Thomas Vicari

Production Sound Team:
Javier M. Hernandez, Gerard Vernice, Mark Agostino

The Bible “Beginnings” HISTORY

Dan Johnson, Scott Jones

Production Sound Team:
Jon Thomas, Doug Dreger, Judi Headman, Mitchell Low, Nourdine Zaoui

Phil Spector HBO

Gary Alper, Roy Waldspurger, Michael Barry CAS

Production Sound Team: 
Tim Elder, Jason Stasium

Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation

Modern Family “My Hero” ABC

Stephen A. Tibbo CAS, Brian R. Harman, Dean Okrand

Production Sound Team:
Srdjan “Serge” Popovic, Dan Lipe, Peter Hansen

Nurse Jackie “Teachable Moments” Showtime

Jan McLaughlin CAS, Peter Waggoner

Production Sound Team:
Brendan O’Brien, Joe Savastano

The Office Finale NBC

Ben Patrick CAS, John W. Cook, Rob Carr

Production Sound Team:
Brian Wittle, Nicolas Carbone

Parks and Recreation “Leslie and Ben” NBC

Steve Morantz CAS, John W. Cook, Ken Kobett

Production Sound Team:
Adam Blanz, Mitch Cohn

30 Rock “Mazel Tov, Dummies!” NBC

Griffin Richardson, Tony Pipitone

Production Sound Team:
Chris Fondulas, Bryant Musgrove, Larry Loewinger

Variety Series or Special

American Idol Finale FOX

Edward Greene CAS, Brian Riordan, Adrian Ordonez, Ryan Young, Randy Faustino, Gary Long, Patrick Baltzell, Michael Parker, Christian Schrader

The Colbert Report Episode 8137B Comedy Central

Todd Kilponen, Bob Walker, Robert Selito, Jay Vicari

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Episode 17153 Comedy Central

Tim Lester, Horst Hartmann, Rocky Magistro, Jay Vicari

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards CBS

Thomas Holmes, Mikael Stewart, John Harris, Eric Schilling, Ron Reaves, Eric Johnston, Pablo Munguia, Tom Pesa, Michael Parker, Bob La Masney

The Oscars Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ABC

Paul Sandweiss, Thomas Vicari, Biff Dawes, Pablo Munguia, Kristian Pedregon, Josh Morton, Emily McDonnell, Patrick Baltzell, Michael Parker, Bob La Masney

Nonfiction Programming

The Amazing Race “Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow” CBS

Jim Ursulak, Dean Gaveau CAS, Jerry Chabane, Troy Smith

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown “Myanmar” CNN

Benny Mouthon

Crossfire Hurricane HBO

Jason W. Jennings, Steve Pederson

Deadliest Catch “Mutiny on the Bering Sea” Discovery Channel

Bob Bronow CAS

History of the Eagles Showtime

Tom Fleischman CAS, Bret Johnson, Richard Davis, Elliot Scheiner

Survivor “Create a Little Chaos” CBS

Terry Dwyer