Cinegear Expo

Paramount Studios hosted Cinegear Expo for three days this year from May 31 to June 2. More than 250 companies set up booths along the New York street sets and in half a dozen soundstages.

Although primarily a camera and lighting event, Trew Audio had a booth and Sound Devices was also present to show their recorders and their new Pix 220(i) and 240(i) audio/video recorders.

There were also many companies whose products are useful for professional sound and video techs. They included Filmtools (tools and accessories), G-Technology and SanDisk (hard drives and digital storage). IDX (batteries), Insurance West and Insure My, Marshall Electronics and Nebtek (video monitors), Packair Airfreight and Global Express (cargo expediting), Studio Carts and Innovative (equipment carts).

Exhibitors of interest to people involved in video assist and data asset management included AJA Video Systems, BlackMagic Design, Codex, EVS and Light Iron.