From the President

Thank you for participating…

During director Stanley Donan’s acceptance remarks for his career achievement Oscar, he maintained that the key to his success as a director was showing up ready to work. This ethic also relates to our effectiveness as an organization.

We, along with all the other West Coast locals, have ratified this new contract with large pluralities of the voting members.

Some of us spoke strongly for rejection of this contract, some for its ratification. It seems to me that both sides were asking for a real movement toward solidarity amongst the larger body of membership.

These efforts to persuade fellow members to come together are the greater value, more than the pros and cons of this immediate contract. Whatever your position, I thank the voting members for engaging in the process and urge and invite those of you who sat this one out to reconsider for the next time. Your opinion only is heard if you return your ballot.

And speaking of effort and participation, issue number 14 of this publication is on deck and heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our stalwart contributors. Special mention is due Scott Smith, Jim Tanenbaum, Steve Nelson, Benn Betts and Laurence Abrams, who have each contributed more than one article.

I invite you to join your colleagues with articles of your own creation. This is your quarterly and you are encouraged to appear in these pages.

Mark Ulano President
IATSE Local 695