From the Editors

Summer has many meanings and attached memories. We can nostalgically look back to our time as young kids and remember summer as a time of freedom, no homework, camp, swimming, friends and long days.

Today, it might represent a return to another season of your episodic or the start of a new show that was picked up after the pilot. To others it could mean lots of traveling far from Los Angeles on a feature film that is on location not because of its unique look, but because that state has a terrific tax incentive.

Welcome to the summer of 2012 and the “new normal” of production that Local 695 members work in.

That’s why the 695 Quarterly is THE place to get a sound view of our craft. Steve Nelson continues his journey on The River and Jim Tanenbaum delves deeper into “The Cable Connection,” while Scott D. Smith looks at the new world of “Digital Asset Management.”

We are thankful to our contributors and want to read more from you, the heart and soul of Local 695.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer filled with family and friends.

Fraternally, Eric Pierce, David Waelder and Richard Lightstone