Lobbying AB 1069

Visiting a set these days, there’s hardly any eye contact. Heads are titled down, and a ghostly light frames their faces. It seems like everyone on production is living in their own solitary world. They’re all staring at their PDAs, iPhones, Droids, Androids, tablets, iPads, either texting, reading emails, surfing the Web or occasionally, making phone calls.

The Web has taken over and virtually anything in print can be found there. That’s why this publication and all the back issues are available to you 24/7 right here.

You also receive this magazine by mail and frankly, there is nothing better. No scrolling, no finger swipes, no expanding the text, just simple dignified page turning. Reading and rereading at your leisure, big and bright, just like the old days.

Members contribute an impressive range of interesting, informative material to each issue. It’s a pleasure to share their experiences with you.

David Waelder continues to explore wireless antenna systems, in this issue it’s transmitting antenas. Scott D. Smith, CAS delves into recording history with another installment of “When Sound Was Reel.” We also have a fascinating interview with Courtney Goodin.

So whether you are reading this on your personal digital assistant or holding this great four-color publication in your hands,

Eric Pierce, David Waelder
and Richard Lightstone