Well, we’re drawing to a close on the great refurbishing of our Local’s offices and quite a journey it has been.

At the beginning, a book of design concepts drafted for us by former Board member and Boom Operator, Patrushkha Mierzwa, nurtured preliminary creative discussions around the idea that we can embody the rebirth of this Local by taking head-on the deferred maintenance and creative design of the building.

This became a reality with the simple icebreaker of restoring a couple of our office spaces over a long weekend in the Fall. Suddenly, everything seemed possible, ideas a’poppin, great excitement afoot …

Then, our Wizard in Residence, Laurence Abrams, achieved the impossible with the brilliant sale of our old and unneeded domain name, providing funding for the project without impacting the financial health of the Local and motivating our formation of a Building Committee, including the contributions, over time, of Peggy Names, Linda Skinner, Jeff Wexler, Jennifer Winslow, Richard Lightstone, Carrie Sheldon, Chris Howland, myself and Patrushkha Mierzwa.

As the project moved forward, Committee Chair Peggy Names and Linda Skinner made themselves available to take on the huge responsibility of organizational and creative oversight of the project. Peggy gave many hours of her time, hammer and nail and paint brush at the ready. Linda was command central, keeping the vendors, scheduling and paperwork always in order. In fact, doing everything necessary to keep things moving along for the benefit of all.

Laurence was everywhere at once, filling in whatever gaps emerged during the project.

The whole office staff really chipped in at every turn and a special thanks goes out to Scott Bernard, Laurence Abrams, Joe Aredas, Jr., Linda Skinner, Michael Kanya, Cindy Vivar and Nikki Riordan, all of whom rolled with the punches of workmen’s schedules and the construction work being provided by all the vendors, subcontractors and workmen. These folks never skipped a beat in providing the first-rate daily service to our members, while frequently improvising due to the construction turmoil of their work environment. Beyond that, the staff often dove right in to help move, shift, assemble and organize whenever needed. It’s a great and versatile team.

We owe all of these fine folks a debt of gratitude for the beautiful outcome. So from me, and the rest of The Members, thank you all for a job well done.

Come on down and check it out. Feel the good vibes.

Mark Ulano CAS AMPS
Local 695 President