From the Editors

by Richard Lightstone CAS AMPS

Welcome to Production Sound & Video, our new name for the former 695 Quarterly. Why the re-branding? Because we are not just a number, but also a diverse I.A. local with highly skilled engineers and creative talent. We want the industry to recognize that we are multifaceted and brimming with technical ability, from Production Sound Mixers, Boom Operators, Sound Utility, Video Engineers, Broadcast Engineers and Studio Projectionists. That is just a broad overview of what we do.

In this edition, Bill Ruck explains “The Radio Frequency Spectrum Puzzle,” Dave Bellamy discusses his design of wireless antennae arrays in “Balance Is the Word” and I interview Glenn Derry and Dan Moore in “The Evolution in Motion Capture on The Jungle Book and Beyond.”

We appreciate your readership and the many fascinating articles that our members and others outside of this Local have contributed to this publication. A toast to all of you and Production Sound & Video!

Fraternally yours, Eric Pierce, Richard Lightstone and Mark Ulano