From the Business Representative

Welcome to the first issue with our newly branded magazine: Production Sound & Video. Why the name change? Local 695 continues to promote the extraordinarily diverse talents of our members but we want to be sure to remind you that we are much more than “The Sound Local.” And in this issue, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about as we once again spotlight the creativity and multifaceted talents of our members. As you read this issue, you’ll see that Local 695’s Dan Moore and Glenn Derry’s company, Video Hawks, has been inventing entirely new motion capture (Mo-cap) technology for use in Disney’s incredible new film, The Jungle Book.

Product development moves quickly, as Mark Ulano and I saw at the NAB show, where we had a firsthand glimpse at the innovations and technology that’s just around the corner. This is where the “film”- making process is headed next. These production tools and methods evolve so quickly, and so do the skills of our members who constantly amaze me with their commitment to training and developing new skills. And the Local’s education department continues to update existing courses and rolls out new ones as software and hardware products evolve. The message to our members about education is unchanged: Stay active and let us know what else we can do to help.

When this administration took office in January 2015, my goal and the goal of your Board of Directors was to present to the industry the incredible skills and talents of all Local 695 members. I’m extremely proud to say it’s working. When I walk onto a set, the buzz has changed. People recognize the decade’s-long tradition of our Video and Sound Engineers … women and men who I contend are the most gifted and talented technical crew that you can find … partnering with producers throughout the industry to create video and audio magic on movie sets around the world.

In solidarity,
Scott Bernard
Business Representative