Shooting the Cover

Peggy Names recruited her friend, retired cinematographer Julius Metoyer, to take a picture of as many of the women members of Local 695 as they could assemble in one place. They scouted locations together and settled on Brookside Park in Pasadena for its rugged, terraced look and its accessibility and available parking. With assistance from Linda Skinner and Nikki Riordan in the office, Peggy compiled a list of the 146 women members and invited each of them to participate. The first couple of attempts ran into some conflicts with the Academy Awards, rain and the K-Tek open house. When everything finally clicked, the ranks had thinned a bit but the attendees were a good representation of women active in the various disciplines of the Local.

1. Rocky Quiroz
2. Alexandra Gallo
3. Anna Wilborn
4. Carrie Sheldon
5. Valeria Ghiran
6. Amanda Beggs, CAS
7. Peggy Names
8. Jennifer Winslow
9. Susan Moore-Chong, CAS
10. Rosa Costanza Tyabji
11. Patrushkha Mierzwa
12. Veronica Kahn
13. Sunny Meyer
14. Victoria Thoma-Bowes

15. Shawn Holden, CAS
16. Sarah Chilson
17. Cara Kovach
18. Yvette Hill
19. Elizabeth Alvarez
20. Kathryn Ballard
21. Mihaela Jifcu
22. Felicia Starkey
23. Gilah Friedberg
24. Jackie Summers
25. Rita Rubalcava
26. Chantilly Hensley
27. Lisa Gillespie
28. Mary Jo Devenney