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Wireless Class

The RF Microphone Clinic, taught by Thomas Popp, packs ten years of wiring skill into a one-day class. Being able to wire talent quickly and effectively is an essential skill in today’s movie and television environment. In this hands-on class, Thomas teaches set etiquette and addresses wardrobe challenges, unique wiring problems, wind protection—all the black arts of microphone concealment techniques. Due to the close interaction, seating is limited. Check the Education and Training resource at or contact for class dates.


NBC/Universal reversed direction and restored the IATSE contract for the live broadcast of the iHeart- Radio Awards. Many of the engineers working these award shows are IATSE members but, last year, NABET took the job away from us and they wanted to do it again this year. That contract was conspicuously inferior to the IATSE agreement and more than twenty Local 695 engineers working the show would have had to make concessions for NABET. Most particularly, they would have been forced to forgo contributions to their Health and Pension plans through MPIPHP. Local 695 acted quickly and sent out an email to the membership encouraging anyone affected to contact NBC/ Universal and express their reluctance to working under a contract that didn’t meet their health and welfare needs. NBC/Universal management reconsidered their options and, on March 23, only days before the scheduled broadcast, they restored the IATSE contract. It’s a good outcome from vigilance at the Local and active participation of the membership!

Fellowship and Service Award

We swell with pride at the announcement that Joe Aredas Sr. is this year’s recipient of the Fellowship and Service Award from the Motion Picture Editors Guild (MPEG). He received the award at a dinner at the Sheraton Universal on May 2. The Fellowship and Service Award recognizes an individual who embodies the values the Guild holds most dear: Professionalism, Collaboration, Mentorship, Generosity of Spirit and a Commitment to the Labor Movement. Joe Aredas is one of our own, having served Local 695 as Assistant Business Representative from 1980 to 1987, and his son, Joe Jr., presently serves as our Field Representative. Joe Sr. has served in many other capacities including on the Board of Directors of the MPEG, on the Board of the Motion Picture Pension and Health Plans, as Vice President of the California Labor Federation and others.

LA Sound Mixers Flea Market

The first of what will hopefully be a regularly scheduled production sound flea market meet took place on Saturday, February 28, 2015. Chris Howland, a Local 695 member, organized the event and invited anyone in the sound community to bring in gear they were no longer using. Glen Trew, also a 695 member as well as an equipment retailer, graciously provided space (and rain protection) at his new Burbank location and a taco truck was available for refreshments. Twenty-five sellers offered gear ranging from cables to mixers to more than a hundred shoppers over the three-hour event. There were bargains to be had and many deals were completed.


Sharknado Strike List

These 695 members, and some prospective members, recorded their names on the sign-in sheets at Sharknado picketing locations. We are grateful to them, and others who may have walked the lines without signing in, for their participation.

Laurence Abrams
Andrew Adams
Jon Ailetcher
Lena Al-Khatib
Agamemnon Andrianos (3 times)
Joe Aredas (2 times)
Eric Ballew
Kevin Bellante
Scott Bernard (2 times)
Thomas Cassetta (2 times)
Wesley Claggett (2 times)
Devendra Cleary
Travis Cote
Brian Curley
Thomas Curley
Neal Doxsee
Alistair Duff (4 times)
Noel Espinosa
Sara Evans (2 times)
Evan Freeman
Dennis Hammermeister
Ashley Holland
Chris Howland (2 times)
Tim Jones
Kelsey Jonikas (2 times)

Justin Katoni
Martin Kittappa
Johnny Kubelka
Jason Kubota
Phillip Le Gault
David Pattee
Brandon Pert
Chris Polczinski
Ken Pries
Orson Rheinfurth (3 times)
Eva Rismanforoush (2 times)
Dennis Schweitzer
Robert Schuck
Carrie Sheldon
Brenton Stumpf (3 times)
Bartek Swiatek (2 times)
Matt Thompson
Sabi Tulok
Rosa CostanzaTyabji
David Waelder (4 times)
Susan Waelder
Robert Wald
Troy Wilcox (2 times)
Jennifer Winslow
Frank Zaragoza




The Fall 2014 edition of the 695 Quarterly correctly identified Ray Lindsay, Edward McKarge, William McKarge and Ric Teller as members of the production team responsible for The 56th Annual Grammy Awards, an Emmy-winning special on CBS. However, we failed to indicate with bold type that they are all members of Local 695.

In Memoriam

Utility Sound Technician
August 29, 1982 – January 9, 2015

April 29, 1941 – March 20, 2015