Welcome to the spring edition
of our 695 Quarterly.

We are seeing large and enthusiastic turnouts at our meetings, organizational drives and in the formation of a number of committees. This real growth in rank-and file participation is an affirmation of the true spirit in our professional community. It is being widely recognized in the larger entertainment world and we are benefiting; the word is out.

In this issue you will see an important recognition of the professional women in our ranks. Their strength, history and contributions have always been integral to our progress and we are grateful for the voices contributing to this issue. Please take note: professional is the key word here as gender is only one aspect of this group of very seasoned pros. Some of these members are true pioneers in breaking down workplace barriers, past and present. However, the common thread of this diverse group is their excellence at managing their successful careers.

Because the stewardship of our history has long been a personal interest of mine, I am delighted to announce the formation of a History Committee chaired by Andy Rovins. If you have any interest or materials that may relate to this endeavor, please be sure to contact Andy at history@local695.com.

Finally, I’d like to express recognition and gratitude to David Waelder for his long years of service as one of our editors. Almost fifteen years ago, we asked David to come and help edit our nascent newsletter, the precursor of the current Quarterly. He generously jumped right in and journeyed the often-complex task with grace. He has stepped down and handed his responsibilities to another of our long-serving editors, Richard Lightstone.

Thank you, David, and congratulations, Richard.

Spring is here.

Carpe diem!

Warmest regards,

Mark Ulano, CAS, AMPS

IATSE Local 695 President