From the President

As you are probably aware, the former officers of Local 695 have been removed due to the recently imposed Trusteeship. You should have received an email from me with an explanation as to why this action was necessary to maintain the integrity of the IATSE Constitution and By Laws, and the rights of IATSE locals and members, including Local 695.

A union’s power comes from the strength of its collective voice. All institutions need rules to function and succeed. Local 695, as part of the International, is no exception.

The Trustees, alongside Interim Business Agent (Scott Bernard), Special/Field Representative (Joe Aredas, Jr.) and Education Director Laurence Abrams, have been hard at work to correct the past missteps of the union and devising ways to better serve the membership going forward. At the 695 offices, the warped, faded and peeling exterior sign has been replaced. This emblem goes to your identity and you deserve to fly your flag proudly. Improvements are happening inside the office too: technology is being modernized and members’ needs are being addressed across a broader variety of productions. From reality shows to scripted dramas, the current representatives of Local 695 are here to advocate for you. Their clear instructions are to put the member first.

Once the Local is back on its feet and operating smoothly, the IATSE’s goal is to restore autonomy to Local 695. We hope you will help us through this transition by continuing to be our eyes and ears on the set. Please continue to report nonunion productions and call us with any contract questions or safety concerns. Scott, Peter, Steve, Laurence and Joe are available to answer your questions about the Trusteeship, and how Local 695 is changing to better serve you and the Alliance of which it is an important part.

Matthew Loeb
IATSE International President