From the Editors

In this issue of the 695 Quarterly, Local 695 members demonstrate a commitment to excellence, a willingness to devote time to planning, preparation and testing, to realize a brilliant outcome. This has been the theme of every issue since we began publishing in the spring of 2009.

In Captain Phillips, Chris Munro, CAS used equipment concealed on the pirate skiffs to relay audio to follow boats. This required careful preplanning to ensure that sufficient equipment would be available on location and that all the elements would coordinate effectively. He brought an equally complex, but technically different, approach to his award-winning work on Gravity.

Robert Maxfield drew upon everything he’s learned in 30 years of production experience to bring in good tracks on The Walking Dead. His determination to find a way, and his good grace under pressure, bring renewed respect for the Sound Department on that difficult show.

Finally, in Part 2 of his overview of P-Cap and MoCap technique, Jim Tanenbaum, CAS brings 50 years of production experience to a new and developing field. Even with the skills learned over a long and productive career, he extends his thanks to fellow Mixers who allowed him to shadow them and observe their approach to the task. Keeping skills sharp is an ongoing commitment to excellence.

This is what Local 695 members do every working day; find solutions to problems. Drawing on years of experience to find new ways to get the best results and entertain the audience.

Fraternally yours,
Richard Lightstone, Eric Pierce, and David Waelder