Contributors to this edition

Robert ‘Max’ Maxfield

​For more than 30 years, Robert ‘Max’ Maxfield has worked in radio, television and motion pictures. For most of those years, he was a Boom Operator, Utility Person and Production Sound Mixer. His notable credits include Mission: Impossible III, Rush Hour 3, Twister, O and the current TV hit The Walking Dead. Max was a part of Sound Mixer Geoff Patterson’s team that was Oscar nominated for Twister, and Michael P. Clark’s team that was CAS nominated for The Walking Dead. In his spare time, he teaches a class entitled The Art and Craft of Recording Motion Picture Sound.

Chris Munro, CAS

Chris Munro is a Local 695 member and Production Sound Mixer on more than 70 films. He has collaborated with some of the most successful filmmakers in recent history, including Ridley Scott, Guy Ritchie, M. Night Shyamalan, Atom Egoyan, Paul Greengrass, Ron Howard and Alfonso Cuarón, to name a few. In addition to 2014 Oscar and BAFTA Awards for Gravity, he was nominated at both ceremonies for Captain Phillips. He previously won an Academy Award for Black Hawk Down and a BAFTA for Casino Royale.

Andy Rovins, CAS

Andy Rovins has been working in production sound for a long, long time. He kind of remembers the good old days.


Fred Schultz, CAS

Fred began production mixing in the mid-’80s. Most of his shows aspired for magic, and in some, lightning truly did strike. A small handful actually became cultural touchstones. Then he was diverted for a decade and a half, developing file-based digital technologies and workflows. While that technology was new, it also had magic. But by 2010, his patience with corporate life had run dry. He wanted back into production where magic is valued and lightning still happens. He bought a new chair, and some digital kit for a very old sound cart, and is a happy guy once again.

James Tanenbaum, CAS

With decades of experience as a Production Mixer, Jim Tanenbaum, CAS is known to many as the man who “wrote the book” on timecode (Using Timecode in the Reel World) and as an educator. He has taught sound classes at UCLA since 1988, and traveled to Japan (1995), China (2010 and 2011) and Vietnam (2012) to train other mixers and film school students in the discipline of sound for movies and TV. He continues to work in production, most recently completing the first season of the reality series Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. He worked on the last three years of James Cameron’s Avatar, and hopes to do Avatar 2, 3, and 4.

David Waelder

David has recorded sound for films for several decades and has been an editor of the 695 Quarterly since its inception five years ago.
Photo of Robert Maxfield by Gene Page, AMC-TV. 
Photo of Fred Schultz by Cassia Dominguez. All other photos courtesy of the respective contributors.