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Membership Directory Offers New Features

The Membership Directory Committee continues to add improvements to the membership directory system:

• Members can now customize the order that their “Job Skills” and “Areas of Skills” appear in. From the drop-down menu, select all that apply, then simply drag them into the order you want them to be in.

• Field added for members who have an FCC Low Power Auxiliary Broadcast (part 74) License.

• The directory database will now retain all submitted information if a member has a break-in-service. It won’t be part of the active list during the time someone is removed from membership, but once reinstated; all information will be restored to the active database. Previously, all information had to be resubmitted once a member was reinstated.

Remember, you can update your directory information 24/7, 365 days a year by logging in to

Seth & Kriky’s Sound BBQ

Seth Gilbert and Michael “Kriky” Krikorian’s Sixth Annual Sound Department BBQ is being planned for June. Great food, BYOB, and a great networking opportunity with fellow soundies! To get on their mailing list, send an email to or visit Kriky & Seth’s Sound Department BBQ on Facebook.

Tax Credit Program Advances with AB 2026

A bill to extend California’s Film and Television Tax Credit Program by five years cleared a hurdle when AB 2026 passed out of the California State Legislature’s Arts & Entertainment Committee. The bill is co-authored by Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, who also led the passage of the program’s one-year extension back in October. It’s a tough sell as Sacramento grapples with continued budget shortfalls but a Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation study reported that the program generated $3.8 billion of economic activity in its first two years.

In Memoriam

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