From the President

Helping Your Neighbor and FCC Licensing

Dateline: New Orleans, La.
My team and I are working in the provinces—long hours and under one of the “creative” tiered contracts, but glad for the work in these tough times. Like most of us, we are freelancers and essentially “leaves in the wind” when it comes to work. Good years and bad years meld together as the work cycles turn. Our survival strategy is to make the best of resources when we are working, keeping debt as low as possible and putting something away for the dry spells if possible. Not all of us have the option to spread it that way so, if you see the opportunity to steer some work or benefit hours to fellow members in need, please try to help out. Some guidance on how to do this properly is on our Web page:

That being said, I am hopeful. It seems that there is an up tick in the workflow both locally and nationally so we may see a more normalized work year ahead of us. I pray this is true for all of our members.

In the meantime, I think it is wise to be your own best guardian of your work-related preparation. Licensing with the FCC certainly falls into this category. We were very fortunate to have our Vice President, Jay Patterson, put together an FCC licensing program for the General Membership meeting this quarter. The landscape of spectrum allocation is changing constantly and being properly licensed may improve your options in the future. Detailed information is available at

Check it out. If it makes sense for your situation in either wireless audio or video transmission, submit your application.

Warm regards,
Mark Ulano President,
IATSE Local 695