From the Editors

It is often said that California does not have seasons. We disagree.

Pilot season has just ended. Film-going audiences everywhere are eagerly awaiting the start of the summer blockbuster season. That will quickly be followed by the television season and then the awards season. These are the events that mark the tempo of our professional lives. These ‘seasons’ continue to build upon the traditions fought for throughout the 80-year history of Local 695.

You can read all of our endeavors, right here. Lee Orloff tells us about his experiences recording the dialog for the animated feature Rango. Scott Smith gives us part three of the incredible history of this Local. Jim Tanenbaum digs into the more technical aspects of wireless microphones and Eric Pierce explains how data servers have been replacing video tape in the fast-paced world of live and live to tape television production.

You can now find every issue of the 695 Quarterly online at our new stand alone website As they say, “Bookmark it.”

We also encourage you to distribute copies of this magazine among fellow crewmembers, producers and production managers. Let them see all the disciplines we do so professionally as members of Local 695.

You may request additional copies by calling the Local’s office, and you can reach us directly at

David Waelder, Eric Pierce and Richard Lightstone