Photo: Simon Hayes AMPS CAS and the seventeen-person sound crew for Cats. (L-R) Kirsty Wright 3rd AS, Taz Fairbanks 3rd AS, Loveday Harding 1st AS, Victor Chaga Pro Tools Music Editor, John Warhurst Supervising Sound & Music Editor, Ben Collinson 1st AS, Tom Barrow IEM Mixer, Francesca Renda 3rd AS, Robin Johnson 1st AS, Arthur Fenn Key 1st AS, Oscar Ginn 3rd AS, Simon Hayes Production Sound Mixer, James A. Taylor, Music Associate/Keyboard Player, Ben Jeffes 2nd AS, Ashley Sinani 3rd AS. Not pictured: Marius De Vries Executive Music Producer, David Wilson Music Supervisor, Becky Bentham, Music Supervisor, Mark Aspinall, Music Associate/ Keyboard Player, Fiona McDougal Vocal Coach, Jodie Stedman 3rd AS dailies.