From the President


FIRST, A SIMPLE REMINDER: With an affectionate nudge, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, so you can EARN, EARN, EARN.

We are blessed with a fully formed and dedicated education program, headed up by our passionately committed Education Director, Laurence Abrams.

Our educational program maintains its high-gear progression with multiple in-house training programs filling our halls over the last few months. Take special note of our fiber cable training, SRO attendance to the rapidly proliferating specialty was a great success, as was our ongoing classes in video engineering, cable clinic, Fisher boom training and the broad pallet of classes offered by your heavily discounted access to

We’re in one of the most fluid times for our work and a dedicated commitment to stay ahead of the learning curve is one of your best protections for staying relevant in the eyes of employers and peers.

Please look into and take advantage of the wide range of learning opportunities your Local provides.

And next:
To my fellow members,

I am reaching out to the Local and establishing a Veterans Committee. With this in mind, we’d like to hear from members in two ways:

1. If you are comfortable in sharing the information, please let us know if you have served or are currently serving our country.

2. Regardless of service history, please let us know if you would like to participate or volunteer your time to the Veterans Committee.

You can send your responses to

Fraternally yours,
Mark Ulano CAS AMPS
Local 695 President