Contributors to this edition

Willie Burton CAS
Willie Burton CAS began his career as a Navy sonar engineer and after three and a half years, moved into sound mixing, joined Local 695 where he has mixed for over three decades, winning two Oscars and multiple nominations.


Devendra Cleary CAS
Devendra started his career in 1998 in Colorado and moved to Los Angeles in 2001, moving up from Utility Sound, to Boom Operator and Production Sound Mixing. He proudly serves on Local 695’s Executive Board.


Doc Justice 
Doc Justice is the owner of Audio Justice, Inc., a sound services company, and Halter Technical, LLC, creators of great audio products for broadcast and video professionals. He resides in Los Angeles, but will never give up his 215 area code from Philadelphia.


Richard Lightstone CAS AMPS
Richard began his career in Montreal and continues to mix in Los Angeles. He is currently on the Executive Board of Local 695, the co-editor of the 695 Quarterly and a former president of the Cinema Audio Society.


Ric Teller 
Ric Teller started in television at KTLA in the ’70s and has been a freelance television audio guy since 1985. He also is a pretty damn good baker. Here he is visiting Hoover Dam.


Photos courtesy of the respective contributors