From the Editors

For this issue, we focus our attention on just one of the sixteen different categories that comprise Local 695. We have four articles from members who specialize in music for cinema and TV, and they provide us with their perspectives on doing playback, pre-records and live recording.

Phillip Palmer tells us about the challenges of Glee, where he often handles up to six musical numbers per episode.

Nashville has an equally ambitious agenda and Anna Wilborn tells us how Joe Foglia handles those tasks with grace and wit.

Gary Raymond addresses the technical requirements of file formats for playback and Joseph Magee shares the lessons he’s learned over several decades of working with music in both production and post production.

Playback and live-record have their own lingo and some equipment may be unfamiliar even to working professionals. We’ve included a glossary of specialized terms at the end of each article for the benefit of our non-technical readers and members working outside these particular disciplines.

We think you’ll find good reading, and we are pleased to shine a light on a creative field that deserves more attention.

Fraternally yours,
David Waelder, Eric Pierce and Richard Lightstone