65th Emmy Winners

[Names in BOLD are Local 695 members]

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Television Movie or Mini-Series

Boardwalk Empire “The Milkmaid’s Lot” HBO

Frank Stettner CAS,
Tom Fleischman CAS
George A. Lara

Production Sound Team:
Larry Provost
Sam Perry
Toussaint Kotright
Egor Panchenko
Tim Elder
Michelle Mader

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Miniseries or a Movie

Behind the Candelabra HBO

Dennis Towns
Larry Blake
Thomas Vicari

Production Sound Team:
Javier M. Hernandez, Gerard Vernice, Mark Agostino

Outstanding Sound Mixing for Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation

Nurse Jackie “Teachable Moments” Showtime

Jan McLaughlin CAS
Peter Waggoner

Production Sound Team:
Brendan O’Brien, Joe Savastano

Outstanding Sound Mixing for Variety Series or Special

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards CBS

Thomas Holmes
Mikael Stewart
John Harris
Eric Schilling
Ron Reaves
Eric Johnston
Pablo Munguia
Tom Pesa
Michael Parker
Bob La Masney

Production Sound Team:
Paul Sandweiss
Michael Abbott
Rick Bramlette
Jeff Peterson
Phil Ramone
Barry Warrick
Andres Arango

Hank Neuberger
Billy McCarge
Dave Rickmears
JP Velasco
Steven Anderson
Craig Rovello
Bill Kappelman
Pete San Filipo
Ric Teller
Damon Andres
Eddie McKarge
Paul Chapman
Dennis Mays
Bruce Arledge
Kirk Donovan

Dave Bellamy
Grant Greene
John Arenas
Matt Compisi
Jim Fay
Thomas Ryden
Hugh Healy

Joel Singer
Charles Campbell
Anthony Catalano
Mike Babbitt

Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Programming

History of the Eagles Showtime

Tom Fleischman CAS
Bret Johnson
Richard Davis
Elliot Scheiner
Mike Harlow
Production Sound Team: Alan Barker, Tyler Wood