From the President


As I sit here writing, so much of the world is in a hurricane. Sandy batters the East Coast where most of my family is. The presidential election is days away, swinging its razor pendulum. Likewise, international turmoil is in an uptick and uncertainty reigns in the land.

This year has been a tough stretch for many of us. In some ways, the toughest many of us have ever seen. And yet I’m constantly delighted and warmed by the camaraderie, perseverance and intensity of commitment I come across in my contact with fellow members. Never was this more clear to me than during the lovely get-together in Burbank, as described elsewhere in this issue of the 695 Quarterly. What a great gathering of a terrific community.

A voice inside brings calm as the refrain “this too shall pass” reverberates, inviting me to an inevitable sense of gratitude:

On this day, my children are healthy as is my loving wife of 32 years. My parents, well into their seniority, (92 and 86, respectively) are still independent and I have been blessed with some of the dearest friends a human could ever hope for. Further, I get the opportunity to do what I love (filmmaking) when invited, to some pretty interesting projects. So after 36 years in this freelance life, with all its ups and downs, what more could I ask for?

The answer is continued safety and security for my family and friends and the renewal of sustained prosperity and security for my beloved professional family of IATSE Local 695.

My message this issue is very simple: I thank our committed team in the office and the Board of Directors for their insight, caring and wisdom, and I thank you—the membership—for your friendship, support and professionalism. It is easily the proudest association I have been blessed with in my professional life.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and healthy holidays to you all.

With heartfelt fraternity,
Mark Ulano
President, IATSE Local 695