From the Editors

As members of Local 695, we are a community but we often perform our tasks in isolation from our fellow brothers and sisters working the same disciplines.

If you are fortunate to be on one of the major studio lots, you might have the time to stagehop and visit with fellow associates. Otherwise, the other members of your own team are likely to be your only contact with fellow 695 professionals.

Fortunately, the Internet has created a larger community and given us a place to connect virtually. More fortuitously, it has also created the famous NAB “RAMPS Party” held each April in Las Vegas, the Annual Kriky-Seth BBQ and more recently, the “Mixers Out Socializing.”

These have all proved to be wonderful opportunities to socialize and become friends in a relaxing and noncompetitive environment. It has reinforced our sense of community and this issue of the 695 Quarterly gives a major hat’s off to the organizers of these events and all who attended.

The Quarterly is also a part of our sound community. We aspire to be the link, giving you informative articles that both enlighten and bring us all closer together.

We appreciate your readership and the continuing contributions from every craft represented by Local 695.

Richard Lightstone, David Waelder and Eric Pierce